Improvements to Image::CairoSVG

We're still improving, keep those pixels moving

The full diff is here, click on the rectangles on the right to see comparisons. See also my Super Tiny Icons page for comparisons with the original SVG icons.

Arcs done better

I did some work on arcs. Previously I was using code based on some Python project, but I went back to it and did it all again based on the W3 consortium example code. Before is on the left, after is on the right.

ID and transforms

Implementing ID and transforms allowed this image to be constructed:

The transforms also helped put the duck in the middle of the image here:

It also enabled translation of the letters in the following logo;

Opacity capacity

Adding opacity enables the old (and nicer) Gmail icon to be rendered correctly:

Too much monkey business

The mailchimp chimp’s eyes and ears are in the right place after I fixed a bug in Image::SVG::Path.